Outlining a Dissertation Proposal | Easy Steps to Follow

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Are you stressing about what outline to use for your dissertation proposal. Read this article to find out how to organize your points in a coherent manner.

Here’s How to Outline a Dissertation Proposal

The dissertation is quite unlike any project a student can be asked to complete. It often involves multiple steps, from the proposal to the presentation of a completed project. Of course, most universities provide comprehensive guidelines in their dissertation manuals on how to organize the proposal. However, since variations exist between various requirements, and since there are times when the instructions my not be quite clear, you need a guide that walks you through the process in terms of what to include. Read on to find out how you produce a good dissertation proposal outline.

What Is a Dissertation Proposal? Why Write One?

A proposal is a stage in the dissertation writing process, where one writes a document to introduce and summarize the goals, methodologies, and resources for research. Often considered the first step in the dissertation writing process, the goal of this document is to make things clear and to demonstrate the student’s ability to prove his or her main argument through the dissertation. A thorough and clear proposal is a sign that you will be able to deliver a good dissertation. The committee will use the paper to check whether you have done enough research to support your research questions. For most students, this is also the most challenging part of the dissertation writing process. However, when properly done, the proposal works in the same way as an effective essay plan, offering guidance for when you start to write the actual dissertation.

Getting Started on the Dissertation Proposal

The most important step in getting your proposal right to starting with some preliminary reading and choosing a good topic. You may need to read through your notes and lecture slides. Consider a particular topic that you found interesting or a concept that you wish to develop further. Maybe you noticed an apparent lack of scholarship on a particular issue, which suggests that more research is needed in a subject area. Whatever the case, choose something that you find interesting and do some research to see whether you will be able to find evidence

Once you have a topic ready, then you can get down to the business of writing, narrowing down your focus, and selecting credible and up-to-date literature.

What Is the Proper Outline for a Dissertation Proposal?

As you write you initial draft, remember that there are specific guidelines to follow. If there are clear instructions on how to organize your paper, include these sections:

  • A clear introduction;
  • The methodology section;
  • Aims and objectives;
  • Review of literature;
  • Challenges and limitations;
  •  Ethical considerations;
  • Timeframe;
  • Concluding remarks.

Remember to approach the proposal as a stage in a larger dissertation project, paving way for research and analysis. From the onset, make it clear why you are conducting the research and how you intend to solve the problems outlined. All the best in your writing.